The Entire Farm

Rent it all and experience the rural surroundings with plenty of space for 21 people.


Here you have the opportunity to spend a fantastic vacation surrounded by scenic surroundings and ample space for everyone. But the history of this place goes back further than its current facilities.

Lundseje has a rich history that stretches back almost 200 years. The area has been home to agriculture and country estates for many generations. The rural surroundings and traditional architecture bear witness to the agricultural communities of the past.

Today, the property has been restored and modernized to provide you with the best comfort and convenience during your stay while still maintaining its rustic charm. With room for 21 people, there is plenty of space for large families, groups of friends, or corporate outings.

But if you are even more people and wish to spend the vacation together, the neighboring property, Skerrildgaard, can accommodate an additional 9 people in their wing. This historic Manor has its own unique charm and is within walking distance of Lundseje. In total, you can enjoy a total of 30 comfortable sleeping accommodations when you rent it all.

It’s not just the sleeping accommodations that are impressive, but also the opportunity to organize special gatherings. The horse stable, converted into a dining and party venue with a bar, provides ample space to accommodate 36 people for cozy meals or festive events. This unique setup has brought joy to many previous tenants who have enjoyed creating lasting memories for both children and adults.

Children will especially love the extra space available for play and activities. The nature surrounding the vacation property allows them to explore and experience exciting adventures both indoors and outdoors. From scenic hikes to fun outdoor games, there is plenty of entertainment for the little ones.

So, if you are looking for a vacation experience in historical surroundings with plenty of space and the opportunity to create great memories, Lundseje is the ideal choice. Take a journey back in time and experience the beauty and charm that have shaped this place through generations.

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