The Chicken House

8 made beds, beautifully distributed across 4 charming rooms.

As an additional bonus, you can also add 2 extra weekend beds, which means that 2 of the rooms have a total of 3 beds available.

Packing will be a breeze for those who choose to rent the idyllic Lundseje Chicken House. We have provided extra amenities, including everything you need in the large kitchen-dining area – spices, flour, sugar, oil, and much more. In the kitchen, you will find a modern oven, microwave, stove, as well as a spacious refrigerator and freezer.

You don’t have to worry about bringing towels, as we have taken care of everything you need. There is also an abundance of body shampoo, as well as dishcloths and towels available.

At the front door of the Chicken House, a cozy oasis awaits you in the charming courtyard.

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